Photo/Video Tour of the Disney Dream

Check out this collection of videos & photos that I shot on the Disney Dream back in January.  Forgive my laziness is not editing them all into a proper production with decent audio.

The Atrium

This is the Buena Vista Theatre, where you can take in first-run Disney movies, often in Disney Digital 3D. Other activities also take place here, such as Bingo.

 I did not shoot any video of the Walt Disney Theater, but here are some still of two of the shows featured there.
The Golden Mickeys




Enchanted Garden

Royal Palace

Children’s Programs Areas

Edge - Tween Club

Vibe - Teen Lounge

I did not shoot any video of the Oceaneers Lab or Club, but I did manage to shoot a video of my favorite feature which they both have at their entrances.

Here are a few stills of the Oceaneers Lab

Next, take a look at the adult entertainment areas, starting with the District

Skyline Lounge

The District Lounge


Just beside the District is the D Lounge

Outlook Lounge

Disney Dream Lifeboat

Next, a night-time view of Deck 11 Midship


And the fireworks show!


Enchanted Artwork

Clips from Disneyland’s Castle Walkthrough Attraction

On Thursday, I had an oppertunity to spend a few hours in Disneyland, while I was in California for a business trip.  While in the park, I made my way through the Castle Walkthrough attraction, which told the story of Sleeping Beauty.  I shot a few quick video clips of some of the cool effects used.  Take a look:

Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough - Three Good Fairies from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough - Maleficent from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough - Maleficent Dragon from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough - Kiss from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

Main Street Trash Can Bubble Eruption #Disney #MK

I noticed this when I was in the MK just after park open on Saturday March 13th, 2010.  I had never seen it before, and thought it was really cool.  It had been wheeled out, to the corner of Main Street Hub and the Tomorrowland Bridge.  It was gone about 5 minutes after I shot this short video.

Magic Kingdom Bubble Trash Can from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

What do you do on a 7 night #Disney Cruise? #DCL

Ever wonder what goes on, during a 7 night Disney cruise?  The pdf document below is a collection of daily event itineraries given to guests onboard.  This set is from the cruise that I took last week, to the Western Caribbean.  Take a look. You will see such things as first-run movie showtimes, childrens activities, dining options, classes and tours, character meeting times, deck parties, and much much more.

Click HERE to check it out!

For all of last week, this was my alarm clock each morning.

VIDEO: Tomorrowland Transit Authority 9/19/09 #WDW #MK #Disney

Another ride-thru of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, this time in full daylight.

Shot on Saturday the 19th of September.  Highlights include a great view of the construction/demolition being done outside of Space Mountain/Skyway Station, and a brief TTA ride-stop at Buzz Lightyear.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

Video Recap of #Vinylmation Holiday 1 Artist Signing Event #Disney #WDW

I had a chance to attend the Vinylmation Holiday 1 Artist Signing Event, at the Art of Disney @ Downtown Disney on Friday, the 18th of September.  I’ve (hastily) created an eleven minute HD video recap of the event, including shots of all of the upcoming vinyls that were on display. Enjoy!! (11minutes, 720p streaming/1080p download, no audio)

Vinylmation Holiday #1 Series Artist Party from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

VIDEO: The Notorious Banjo Brothers (and Bob) #Disney #WDW #MK

I had a chance to catch a performance of the Notorious Banjo Brother (and Bob) this past Saturday while in the Magic Kingdom. Check out this video of their performance.

The Notorious Banjo Brothers (and Bob) from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Take a ride on the TTA #WDW #Disney #MK

I had an opportunity to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last night, and towards the end of the night, I rode on the TTA.  I decieded (at the last moment) to shoot a quick one-take video of the ride as I went on it.  Check it out.

Highlights include:
A TTA-Eye view of the Halloween Party in Tomorrowland
A Construction-Wall-Ridden view of Space Mountain from inside, during construction
A view of the demolition of the Tomorrowland Skyway Station

Check it out.  Let me know what you think.

- Dan

Tomorrowland Transit Authority from PRD3000 on Vimeo.

VIDEO: New TTA Lighting Effects #WDW #Disney
Check out this video I shot on August 27th 2009, of the new lighting effects at the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority, in the Magic Kingdom.