Elbows off the Table!

Revenge at 50’s Prime Time Cafe: You make one little mistake, and accidentially put your elbows on the table, and your server is all over you (in a playful way).  There is not much you can do to fight back without out winding up standing in the corner singing “I’m a little tea pot”.  @JonnyGrube learned this the hard way, but he did eventually found a way to *passivly* fight back at the server (also done in fun) by making them constantly have to come and refill your drink.  Ever since Jon first came up with this idea, it has become a tradition.  Check out this video clip from 2006 of me *emptying* my iced tea glasses in order to require more refills.

(Again, this is all in fun.  The servers get a kick out of this after they have brought you your fourth glass or so).  Just don’t expect to do much after the meal.